Lego Clean Mud


It is time for this month’s sensory play recipe. This month is all about clean mud!!! We LOVE clean mud.  We have tried Pumpkin Spice Clean Mud , Rainbow Clean Mud , Red, White, and Blue Clean Mud~ NO Ivory Soap Recipe , Apple Clean Mud , and Cherry Rose Clean Mud so far.  This time we tried Lego Clean Mud.  This was so much fun.  Adding the legos or duplo blocks we had on hand was a big hit with the kids.  Clean mud is easy to make and the kids can help too.  We love finding new ways to make and play with clean mud.  Wonder what we will try next.


Lego Clean Mud

Lego Clean Mud


What we used:

lemongrass spa baby wash

hand soap

toilet paper






How to make:


Get the kids to help you rip up a roll of toilet paper.  We used less than a roll for this batch but depending on how many kids are going to play just add more if needed.  You can usually get a 4 count at the dollar store.  Once it is ripped up add soap and water.  Add a few squirts of soap and pour the water slowly and mix as you go.  Once you get a squishy consistency you are ready to play.



I placed the clean mud on a tray with the legos.  Now it was playtime.



My kids could not wait to get their hands in this stuff.  Playing with the blocks and mashing and molding the clean mud was a great hands on play activity.  They got to explore all their senses except for taste.  The soaps gave this a calming lavender, vanilla, cherry scent.  It was lovely.  We stored the clean mud in a ziploc bag and hope it makes it for another day of play.




This is part of 12 Months Sensory Dough Hosted by Lemon Lime Adventures

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