Lemonade Lip Gloss- the kids can make

We got this from a wonderful blog that I just love Meet The DubiensWe have made this several times.  First we did cherry and tropical punch.We gave these out as thank you gifts at my son’s bday party.  Then we  tried her chocolate one. We gave these out during Valentine’s. We have liked them all.  They do not have a taste but smell and feel great on your lips.  I have heard you can add candy flavoring to this but I have never tried it. 
The other day my son asked in the car out of the blue if we could make lemonade lip gloss.  I said sure.  We were on our way to walmart.  So we just picked up our supplies in there.  I used travel containers to put the lip gloss in.  In this batch I added lemon extract to see if it added flavor but it did not really do anything.  It was worth a try.

Lemonade Lip Gloss- the kids can make

 What we used :1 tub Vaseline, 1 pkg of kool-aid – any kind, lip gloss containers


Lemonade Lip Gloss- the kids can make

How me made it:

  • we put 1 c Vaseline in Pyrex measuring cup then heat in microwave for about 30 sec then stir until melted.  This took me several min. and the cup got very HOT. So be careful!

Big brother only got to stir a little the first few times, then I had to take over it was to hot.

Lemonade Lip Gloss- the kids can make

This is what it looks like when melted.

  • Now add your kool-aid.  (this is where I added maybe a 1/2 tsp lemon extract )Stir well, I could never get the kool-aid to dissolve completely. but we stirred it for a few min.  If it starts to harden just re melt.
  • Then with your lip gloss containers already opened, start to pour the mixture into them.  Let harden over a few hrs. The above site has some labels you can print but not for lemonade.  So we will  probably just put sticker labels on these.

So happy about his lip gloss.  He already wants to give them out.  We have his little brother’s bday party next month, may hold on to them until then and use as thank you gifts again.

Lemonade Lip Gloss- the kids can make

The kool aid is kinda clumped in pictures but the lip gloss came out fine!

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