Leprechaun Handprint Art


We love print art that is no secret. We did a few rainbow inspired prints last year close to St. Patrick’s Day but have yet to do a true St Patrick’s Day print project.  So what better than the classic Leprechaun Handprint Art for this year.  This is easy to make and great for multiple ages.  It also makes a great family friendly decoration or, an art wall or frame.  I look forward to finding more print art projects for us soon.


leprechaun handprint



Leprechaun Handprint Art


What we used/ Supplies:


*orange paint


*beige paint


*white cardstock


*green glitter washi tape


*black sharpie




How to make Leprechaun Handprint Art:


I painted my son’s hand beige in the middle and orange on the top and bottom.  We flipped his hand over and pressed down on the white paper.  We washed his hand and left the paper to dry.



Once dry, I came back and added washie tape to make a hat for the leprechaun man.  I used a tiny piece of yellow paper to make a buckle.  I just cut it out with scissors.  Last I drew on some eyes, nose, and a smile.  Easy and fun!  The kids love how he turned out.  He is now hanging on their art wall to help decorate for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day.




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