Leprechaun Munch


Do you think Leprechauns get hungry?  If they do what would they eat?  The kids and I thought they might enjoy Leprechaun Munch.  We got in the kitchen and created a recipe just for our sneaky leprechaun that comes to visit each year.  He fills the  Leprechaun Treasure Box   they leave out full of goodies on St. Patrick’s Day eve and hides them.  If the kids get lucky and find the treasure box they get to keep all the goodies inside.  This year my oldest wants to make a Leprechaun trap to go beside our treasure boxes.  We figured we need to set out some bait to draw him in.  This Leprechaun Munch might just do the trick. Now that we have come up with a yummy and irresistible recipe we think he will not be able to resist, we wanted to share it with you all.








Leprechaun Munch


How to Make Leprechaun Munch


What I used/ Ingredients:


Fruity pebbles


kettle corn popcorn


vanilla bark or white chocolate bark in the tray




wax paper




large bowl



St. Patrick's Day Snack


How to make/ what I did:


Make popcorn first.  I used one and a half bags but you can make more or less and just adjust the recipe to fit.  It is important that after popping the popcorn you pour it in to a bowl and look for un-popped kernels.  I used 2 bowls.  I poured the kettle corn into one bowl and started transferring the popped pop corn over to another bowl while looking for the un-popped kernels.  I trashed those kernels I found.  I repeated this with the second bag as well.  The left over popcorn I did not use the kids ate.  I melted the entire tray of vanilla bark as directions on package said.  I poured 1 cup of cereal into the pop corn.  Once the vanilla bark was melted I poured it into the bowl.  I added a few sprinkles to the bowl and started to mix.  Mix everything together until all the popcorn is covered with the vanilla bark.


Pour it over to a wax paper covered tray.  Once I pour it out I add sprinkles and some dry cereal to the top for added color.  Not necessary but I like the way it looks.  Let the Leprechaun Munch sit while the vanilla bark hardens.  This may take 30 minutes to an hour.  Then for the best part, eating it!  My 3.5yr and I loved it.  My 6yr said no because of the cereal.  Oh, and baby brother loved it too.




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