Letter H Hide and Seek Game and Craft for Kids

So exciting to be taking part in All Done Monkeys 31 Days of ABCs again this year.  Last year we chose the letter L for Legos.This year we chose the letter H.  I had no idea what I wanted to do at first.  Then the idea of a Letter H Hide and Seek Game came to mind.  We also did a simple Letter H craft.  Head over to the  Landing Page  for the series to see more information and keep up with all the posts shared for each letter!  I can not wait to see all the great ideas this year.
Letter H Hide and Seek Game for Kids great gross motor and letter recognition on FSPDT


Letter H Hide and Seek Game and Craft for Kids

Simple Letter H is for Halloween Craft
Letter H Hide and Seek Game and Craft for Kids

What we used:

felt stickers we got at Target last year


orange construction paper

few more fun stickers

Letter H Hide and Seek Game and Craft for Kids

What we did:

This is such a simple idea but it is great for letter recognition with kids.  My oldest 5.5yr knows what the letter H looks like but little brother 3yr is still learning.  Having to peel the backs off the stickers is great for fine motor skills.  And this is the perfect time to review colors.  Even add going over them in a second language if you want.  You can also count the stickers to add a little math in there too.

Letter H craft for Halloween on FSPDT
Letter H Hide and Seek Game for Kids

So we worked on our fine motor skills already with our craft.  Now lets work on our gross motor skills with a game.

What we used:


white paper


What I did:

I cut up my paper into 4 sections.  I took these pieces and wrote out uppercase H and lowercase h on them.  Next I went through the house and hid them.

I did not make this hard but you can.  I even thought about taping them up high in places but stuck with simple.

The kids now came to seek out the hidden letter H.  I went over the letter H and what it looked like before my 5.5yr and 3yr went to hunt for them.

It did not take long for them to start finding them.  They got to run around the house which is great for gross motor skills.  

Even after thinking they had found them all, there were still a few to find.  Once they had all the letter H papers they sat down to match them up.  Lowercase h to uppercase H matchup was the end of our game.  Everyone won!



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