Letter H- worksheet, coloring page, and craft

Each month I have been trying to go over a new letter with the boys and include the holidays or seasons with it.  This month we are moving on to the letter H is for heart.  I thought this month we would include going over the shape of the heart and go over the color red. This all ties in with the holiday coming up which is Valentines day.  My oldest 4yr knows a lot of colors and shapes but this is really good to start teaching little brother about them.  It also can’t hurt to review them with big brother.  The boys always get so excited when I put up a new letter.   
What I do:  I write the letter out on cardstock and hang on the wall, simple.  Sometimes I add the theme we are learning.  For this one I drew hearts on the paper with the H.  Then I google worksheets for them on the letter to color.  For big brother I am trying to get him to trace the letter too.  Here is the link to the Heart worksheet I printed out.  And here is the link to the coloring page I printed out.  Once they are through coloring their pages I hang them up with the letter sheet on the wall. 
H is for Heart
valentine's day craft

Letter H- worksheet, coloring page, and craft

Learning color red and shape heart

Letter H Craft

I then get together a craft for us to do.   I came up with a letter H craft.  This way we went over the letter h, the heart shape, and the color red all in one.  
What you need:  
red, pink, and black paper. White crayon and glue sticks.
What to do:
cut out heart shapes with the pink and red paper.  Then trace an H on the black paper with a white crayon.  Now the kids can glue the hearts to the H.
valentine's day craft
My kids love using the glue sticks and that alone made this craft tons of fun for them.  We got to have fun while learning and that is  a win win situation to me.  We hope you and your kids can have some learning fun too.
Letter H- worksheet, coloring page, and craft

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