Letter S: snowman craft & coloring sheets

We have been going over a new letter each month.  This month it is the letter S for snowman and snowflake.  I love finding crafts and activities to go with the letter we are going over.  Finding fun ways to reinforce what they are learning has been key for me.  Today I will share what we did forth letter S.

Letter S: snowman craft & coloring sheets by FSPDT

We started with a few simple coloring/worksheets(links below) for the letter S and of snowmen.  I also drew the letter S on a piece of paper and wrote out the word snowman on the bottom.  I hung it up on the wall with their coloring sheets so we can go over it throughout the month.
snowman coloring sheets-link

Letter S is for Snow worksheet-link

Letter S: snowman craft & coloring sheets

The snowman craft I came up with for them to make is easy for both preschooler and toddler.  The torn paper snowman came out very cute and they both had fun making it.

What we used:  blue construction paper, white construction paper, buttons-different sizes, glue, & marker.

What we did:  I drew two circles on the blue construction paper to resemble a snowman.  I then let the boys tear up white paper.  I had to help a little.  Then they both got to put glue on the blue paper to add the torn white paper.  I had to help my toddler with this step but my preschooler did ok on his own.  After the snowman was covered with white paper the kids got to add buttons for the eyes, nose, and of course buttons on the snowman.  After drying for hours(they put a lot of glue on the paper, haha), I went back and drew a mouth and arms.  Now they have cute snowman crafts to remind them of the letter S.  I used them as decorations and hung them up on the wall.  These to me would be cute in a frame same as a decoration or a gift.

Letter S: snowman craft & coloring sheets



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