Love Bird Footprint Art

 I was surprised how much I loved this print craft.  When we set out to make “Love Bird Footprints”  I was not sure how it would turn out.  After making footprints with baby brother I did not like the placement.  I wanted the birds to be side by side looking at each other.  However, baby brother knew what he was doing. His little prints turned out adorable.


Day 3 of We Heart Print Crafts brought to you by us and House of Burke.


love bird footprint art




Love Bird Footprint Art

love birds footprints


 What to use/supplies:


blue paint


white cardstock




and little feet


love bird footprint art


 What to do:


Place white cardstock on a flat surface.  Grab a few wipes and/or paper towel.  I painted baby brother’s foot with my finger.  This seems to work great.  Not too much paint and it is spread across the foot more evenly.  Makes for a better print most times.  Place the foot down on the paper.  Make 2 prints.  I did both feet.  I wiped them off with the wipes after finished.  I left the footprint “birds” to dry.  Once dry, I came back and added beaks, eye, legs, chest, and wings.  It just so worked out that one bird appears to be kissing the smaller one on its head.  I added a tree with the brown sharpie.  Last, a simple heart and word birds.  Now our “Love Bird Footprint” art was ready!



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