Love Bug Pom Pom Craft

It is exciting to get out craft supplies and make crafts with my kids.  Even though I have all boys they like to craft just as much as I do.  I know as they get older we might not craft as much so I am enjoying it while it lasts.  With Valentine’s Day coming up next month we are starting to make crafts to help decorate the house. The Love Bug Pom Pom craft was fun to make and they look so cute sitting in my windowsill. Look forward to more craft time with them.



Love Bug Pom Pom Craft for Kids


Love Bug Pom Pom Craft




Supplies/what I used:


pom poms we got from a sister company of


sticker eyes with hearts we got at walmart


pink paper


tiny clothespins


little gems


hot glue




How to make:


If you can not find pom poms already made you can make them.  We took our already made pom poms and placed sticker eyes on them.  Next we glued the gems on the clothespins.  The kids clipped these on the top of the pom poms. I cut our small heart shapes from the pink paper.  We hot glued these to the bottom on the pom pom to make feet. And that was all. Simple and easy to make Valentine’s Day craft with kids.



The kids just loved these little love bug pom poms.  They are so cute.  We placed them in the windowsill as decoration.

love bug valentine day craft for kids



I often call them my little love bugs so this craft was fitting to have 3 love bugs to decorate the house for the upcoming holiday.

pom pom love bug craft for kids

I look forward to more fun craft time with my kids.  We will keep crafting until they grow up and mommy will be sad but thankful for all the fun memories we made along the way.

love bug kids craft


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