Make old toys fun again

Make old toys fun again

Most kids get bored with the same toys after they play with them over and over again.
And who wants to keep going out and buying more!  Here is an alternative to doing that.  ( for the record we still come home with new toys from time to time-mostly hotwheels).  Take and put up some of the toys the kids are not into at the moment.  A few months later get them out again for them to play with.  We made this more exciting by putting them in this little valentine mailbox we have.  My toddler loved opening the mailbox and seeing the new toys inside!  I must say his older brother liked this too.  Little brother took the toys and pulled them out and dumped them out.  He would not play with these toys a few months ago but to him now they seemed pretty interesting. 

Our play time this day.

Opening the mailbox.

Now big brother has to come see what is going on.

To me he is thinking, “oh, maybe I do like this toy.”

Pulling toys out of something just seems to be fun at this age.  You could use a box or container…

He had fun doing this and we have done it since and he still likes it.  To include big brother one day I filled it with the hot wheels and gave it to him to look in.  Of course little brother loved that too and was next to big brother to help him play too!  This idea of filling the mailbox with toys has been fun for both of my kids.  And they both like when I get toys out that have been put up for a while to play with again.  Hope you and your kids can have some fun like this too.

He is watching to see what big brother is doing in this picture. 
Please do come and visit us again.  We would love to have you back:-)
All kids are different and only you can decide how you let your kids play. Please keep this in mind with any post you read of mine!

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