Make Winter Candy Trees

At a class party that had multiple classes in it, my toddler saw one class had candy Christmas tree decorations.  He wanted to take their trees home.  I tried to explain that those were not ours.  But not to worry, we could make some like them at home one day.  Thankfully that made him happy and we finished out the day.  Well, over a month later we finally got around to making our Winter Candy Trees.
 Winter Candy Tree

Make Winter Candy Trees

supplies for winter candy tree

What we used:

vanilla frosting




waffle cones

We had a waffle cone nightmare!  When I opened the box all the cones were broken. Not one was intact.  I was disheartened for a moment and then decided to do the best I could with what was left.  I was able to use the lower half of the cone.  It ended up working out for the better so the kids had a small treat to eat and not a large cone full of candy to consume.


How to make winter candy trees:

I sat all the items we needed out on a tray and the cones on paper plates.


I frosted the cones for the boys and then they added the candies.  Of course they sampled them along the way.


I helped them with the sprinkles so that we did not have any accidents.  These containers we have seem to have extra large holes in them.

how to make winter candy trees with the kids

I could not help but make one alongside the kids.  I grew up making gingerbread houses with my mom.  And decorating with candy is fun, even if you are a mom.

winter candy trees to make with the kids

This was the perfect rainy day activity for us.  We had most of the stuff on hand except for the cones I picked up that morning when I ran out for milk.  Making Winter Candy Trees is an easy set up and clean up for mom.  The kids love siting down to decorate with candy and they are a fun treat to eat.  Since my kids enjoyed a lot of taste testing during the creation of them I chose to make them wait until after lunch the next day to eat them.  I do not know about you, but candy usually gets my kids going.  Moderation is key for us, lol.  I could see this being fun to make and gift to others or for a playdate.  Hope you and the kids can enjoy these too.

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