Marbleized Paper

This was a fun but very messy project.  We got this idea from juggling with kids blog.  Love this blog!








                                                                                              Marbleized Paper   

What you need:

-Cooking oil
-Food coloring
-Small bowls
-Shallow pan ( I used a casserole pan, you want something your paper will fit in)
-Medicine dropper, a spoon or straw
-thick paper- we used cardstock


What to do: 

Put about 1  TBS of cooking oil in a bowl then add a few drops of food coloring and mix well.  Do this for as many colors that you want.  Put the least amount of water in the bottom of the pan.  You only WANT ENOUGH TO COVER THE PAPER’S side you put in the pan.  You don’t want so much water that it covers over both sides of the paper.  Now you can let the kids take the medicine dropper and fill with the food coloring and oil mix and then let them squeeze it into the water.  They get to create their design by using different colors and can swirl with fork or straw or just leave the drops of mix on the water.


Big brother really enjoyed this part of mixing all the colors together. We then placed our paper in the pan and let it set about 30 sec.  And then lift out.


Now you have  “marbleized paper”!!!!

As I mentioned at the beginning it is messy!  Big brother was covered in food coloring by the time we were through.  Even after a bath he still had blue spots on him,ha ha.  Oh, well we had fun!

The pages came out wonderful. I loved the designs so much that I used one of the sheets(after drying out) as tags for gifts. I typed on the computer what I wanted them to say and ran the sheet through the printer and then cut them out. They looked great. 


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