Marbleized Rainbow Clover Garland{for St. Patrick’s Day}

I have been wanting to do marbleized painting again with my son for some time now.  I have had ideas on what to do and then I have gotten busy doing other projects and forgotten about the marbleized painting.  Well this week it was on my mind again and so were clovers(shamrocks).  So I decided to put the two together in a marbleized painted clover garland to decorate the house with.  A fun way to get the kids involved in planning for any upcoming holiday is to make decorations.  They have fun making them and even more fun showing them off to family and friends when they come over.  My boys are always so proud of their art work and love to tell grandparents all about it when they come to visit.
st patrick's day

Marbleized Rainbow Clover Garland

{for St. Patrick’s Day)


What we used:


I always try and get everything together before I sit the boys down.  This keeps them from getting too anxious while they wait.  I got out oil, food coloring, small bowls, paint brushes, & cardstock.  Later I will use a clover template, scissors, yarn, and hole punch.

st patrick'sday
What we did:  
I mixed water, oil, and food coloring in little bowls.  I set them out with paint brushes and white cardstock paper.  My oldest 4yr painted each sheet a separate color.  We left them to dry over night.  The next day I traced a clover template over each sheet and cut it out.  I used a hole punch to put 2 holes in each clover.  This was for me to string yarn through.  Now it was ready to be hung up.
st patrick's day
I love how it turned out with all the fun colors.  Now we get to enjoy it for a few weeks until St. Patrick’s Day.

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