Marshmallow Experiment for Kids

While at the grocery store, I saw Valentine’s Day inspired peep marshmallows.  They had fun flavored heart ones. I  quickly had 2 ideas for them. None of which included eating them, lol.  Doing a marshmallow science experiment was one of them. We love to see what happens to sugar stuff / candy when we place it in water.  Simple science that is hands on for my young kids is always a hit.  I love that while they think they are playing they are learning too.  What happens to a marshmallow in water? Why does it do that?





 Marshmallow Experiment for Kids


marshmallow science

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Supplies for Marshmallow Science Experiment:


*peep marshmallows- vanilla creme- like these Marshmallow Peeps Vanilla Creme Hearts 9ct.
*3 small glasses- a clear cup is good for observing.  Clear beakers or clear plastic cups would work too. Similar to these-Whiskey Glasses-Premium 11 OZ Scotch Glasses Set of 6 /Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses/Perfect Gift for Scotch Lovers/Style Glassware for Bourbon/Rum glasses/Bar whiskey glasses,Clear
*water- H2O


*clear soda- we had Sprite- like these Sprite Mini-Cans, 7.5 fl oz (Pack of 24)
*heart tray – similar to these- Fun Express – Nesting Heart Wood Trays for Valentine’s Day – Home Decor – Decorative Accessories – Home Accents – Valentine’s Day – 3 Pieces

marshmallow experiment


How to do a Marshmallow Science Experiment with kids:


Let the kids fill one glass with hot water, one glass with cold water, and one glass with Sprite. Now let them place one marshmallow in each glass.  After they place the marshmallows in the glasses let them watch to see if they notice anything different.  Ask them questions and let them ask questions.  Big brother started making comments on what he saw.  The sugar is melting, the marshmallow is growing…


experiment with marshmallows


What can we learn:


The kids observed that the hot water melted the sugar sprinkles off the marshmallow.  The one with the soda puffed up and the cold water one “looked sticky” per big brother.


marshmallow experiment for kids



Why  marshmallows  float:

We often start science experiments with a simple question “Will it sink or float”?  Marshmallows have tiny air bubbles in them making them less dense than water.  Because marshmallows are less dense than water they  float.  The Marshmallow Experiment is a simple way to introduce young kids to density.



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