Marshmallow Playdough-edible & fun

This is the second time we have made marshmallow playdough.   You only need 2 ingredients to make it.  It is also great because you and the kids can eat it if you want!  So it is edible playdough too. It is a little messy but worth it in the end.  We have enjoyed this playdough both times we made it and look forward to trying it again in the future. 

Marshmallow Playdough-edible & fun

Marshmallow Playdough-edible & fun


Supplies/What we use:


*peanut butter




What to do: 


Take the marshmallow and apply peanut butter to it.  Then squeeze the marshmallow and peanut butter in your hands. This is the messy part.  Once you squeeze these together for about 3-5 minuets the stickiness kinda fixes itself.  I know that sounds crazy but the mess starts to form a solid.  Once you have your solid you have your playdough!  Now you and the kids can play with it and then taste it if you want.

Marshmallow Playdough-edible & fun

We hope you can enjoy this too.  If nothing, it is fun to see how the 2 substances form one new substance.  A little simple science for the kids. 

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