Meet Crayon Box Chronicles ATK Feature Blogger of the Month

This month’s feature blogger from the All Things Kids is Heather from Crayon Box Chronicles.  I am grateful to have met her through blogging.  She has a creative style all her own when it comes to kid activities and crafts.  I just love her work. Now it is time for you to meet her today and I am sure you will find something to like as well.

10 Unique Sensory Play Activities from Crayon Box Chronicles



Crayon Box Chronicles focuses on sensory, art, and play-based learning.  Through our daily lessons in play we explore meaningful activities that encourage communication, storytelling, and emotional learning for preschoolers on the autism spectrum.  We like to get messy, create beautiful art on a budget, and explore imaginative play together! Roll-up your sleeves, get messy, and join us on our journey!


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10 Unique Sensory Play Activities from Crayon Box Chronicles:

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