Melty Bead Bowl

We had so much fun with our DIY Clay Bowls project earlier this year that I wanted to find another bowl craft we could make.  We decided on a Melty Bead Bowl since we already had everything we needed on hand. We could also use a cute bowl to hold the loose change on the counters in the house too.  This melty bead bowl would be perfect for that.  These are easy to make and so far our bowl is still holding up.  The kids love finding change to put in the bowl they made.  Maybe we will have an ice cream day when the bowl is full.



How to make a melty bead bowl with the kids



Melty Bead Bowl




Supplies/what we used:


glass bowl


melty bead- thanks for the craft supplies






How to make:


Find a glass bowl that is oven safe.  Also choose what size bowl you want to make.  We went with a medium sized bowl.  I added cooking oil to the bowl first.




Now little brother started filling the bowl with melty beads.  I helped him press them down in the bowl.  As you keep adding beads and pressing they start moving up the sides of the bowl.  Once we had what we thought was enough it was ready to bake.




We heated the oven to 350 degrees.  Cook for 10 to 15 minutes.  Just keep an eye on it while it is in there.  I took ours out and placed on a plate to cool.  It was a little greasy so after it cooled I sat it on a paper towel.  Then later I came back and wiped it off.  Now it is ready to go!  We have a fun and bright change bowl for the counter now.

melty bead bowl


Once the bowl was in the oven the fun did not stop.  Little brother set out to make a sensory bottle.  Great for fine motor skills,  You can even color sort or count the beads.  You can see our Melty Bead Sensory Bottle here. We have done these before and they are always a hit with my kids.

melty bead bowl



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