Memory Jar

I have seen several pictures of Memory Jars on pinterest.  What a cute and simple way to keep the memory of a family trip forever.  Also it can sit out as a constant reminder of the fun times you had together.    

Memory Jar

Memory Jar

I keep some of my glass jars from the recycling bin we have and use them in crafts.  I wash them and use goo gone to get the labels off.  This one I painted the lid with liquid chalk paint. I like the liquid better than the spray kind.

What you need:  

A jar of your choosing, items from your trip-pictures, shells, wrist bands from museum, parking ticket…  You choose again.

What to do: 

Add them to the jar the way you want and then display for your enjoyment.  I just used tape to get my pictures to stay put in jar.  I also found some beach sand in my son’s bucket we brought home and added some of it to the jar. 
This memory jar is from a trip to Tybee Island.  While there we went to the lighthouse where me and my 3yr son climbed 178 steps to the top!!  What a view from the top.  

Memory Jar

Hope you can make a great memory jar of a fun trip you have taken with your family.  These are fun and easy to make with the kids too.  They could even make their own to keep in their rooms…

Memory Jar

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