Message in a Bottle- kid valentine’s day craft

 During one of my late night feedings with my youngest I was wondering what new valentine crafts to try with the kids this year.  I know. Who thinks about crafts half asleep at 3 am?  Well, obviously I do,lol.  I have had pirates on the brain too for another project I am brainstorming for my boys and I guess half asleep thinking about both I got the idea to try a valentine message in a bottle.  I couldn’t wait to start gathering supplies or maybe I could wait til I had a few more hours of sleep.  When I did start my morning I went through the recycling bin to find 2 bottles.  Now to prep.  I had 2 different bottles one glass and one plastic.  I had to remove a label with goo gone and I spray painted the lids black.


After preparing the bottles I was now ready to get the kids to come craft with me.  It worked out great for us to do this on a boring rainy day.  All 3 of us had fun creating the message in a bottle valentine’s day craft.


Message in a Bottle- kid valentine’s day craft

Supplies/What we used: 
1 glass bottle(great for older kids)
1 plastic bottle(great for younger kids)
spray paint(mommy did this part)
Valentine’s day stickers
construction paper
What we did: 
I gave the boys a handful of stickers and their bottles( big brother got the glass one and little brother got the plastic one).  They put stickers all over their bottles.  I then gave them both a sheet of paper cut in half with a crayon to write a message.  I tied yarn into a bow on the bottles while they did this.  Once through writing their message, or coloring a picture, I rolled the paper and tied yarn around it.  We then stuck them down in the bottle.
I think these Valentine’s day messages in a bottle could be great gifts for family and friends.  Maybe even add some candy to one and give it to a teacher.  These would also be fun to keep at home, as we are, and just write messages or color pictures for each other to receive.  How would you use your bottle?  As always we hope you and your kids can have fun with this idea too.
valentine's day craft for kids
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