Milk Science Experiment~fun for young kids too

We have really started to enjoy some simple science experiments over here.  I have been wanting to try the milk experiment for a while and when we finally did it didn’t work.  Sad face here.  But I didn’t give up on it.  We set out the other day to do it again and make sure it worked.  We all had a lot of fun with this. Big brother made sure daddy got to see it too.

 Milk Science Experiment~fun for young kids too

What we used:
milk( the milk was set to expire on this day so I figured we would put it to good use before we trashed it).
dish soap
food coloring
and for extra fun glitter
glass plate
What we did:
The first time we tried this we did it on a table and the boys kept shaking the table during the experiment and I think that is why our first try failed.  This time we did it on the counter and I did it with big brother first while little brother was napping.  We performed the experiment with little brother later that day.
Pour milk in a plate.  Add food coloring close to the center(big brother squeezed it out on the side).  For fun we added a little glitter too.
Now put a little soap on a q-tip.
Touch the q-tip in the center of the plate and watch as the colors spread out.
We thought it was so neat how the colors swirled around the milk.  We saw the glitter had no affect on our experiment and that it stayed in one place.  At the end big brother really enjoyed mixing the milk, and food coloring, and glitter around before we poured it out.
If you would like to read the science behind the food color moving through the milk click here.

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