Mini Fruit Pizza- great to make with the kids

I have been wanting to make a fruit pizza forever.  But as I often say, I just don’t have enough time to do ALL the things I want to do.  Most of our activities these days just happen without much planning,lol.  Which is crazy for me because I am a planner.  I like things thought out and prepare for the things that might come up kind of person.  Having three kids now I have had to let loose a little, haha.  If you ask my husband he may say different.  Well, that is how these mini fruit pizza finally came to be.  I had bought some cookie dough in hopes to try those cute little cookie bowls I keep seeing floating around pinterest.  Well I am the worst at not reading directions.  So I thought I could make a cookie bowl on my own.  Oh was I wrong.  So after wasting half of the cookie dough I had to think quick what to do now.  My oldest kept asking well mommy aren’t we making something.  So I came up with the mini fruit pizza activity for us to do.  Quick unplanned thinking to the rescue.  And I finally got to make a fruit pizza after all this time.
Mini Fruit Pizza

Mini Fruit Pizza- great to make with the kids


What I used:
store bought cookie dough(took the easy way out.)  
fruit( we used cherries bc that is what we had)  would like to try again with more fruit toppings mixed in.
 kid snack idea
What we did:
We baked the cookies as directed from package.  Then after they cooled we applied yogurt.  I had already cut up a few cherries for us.  We took what cherries were left after little brother raided the bowl and added them to our cookie with yogurt.  We had strawberry banana yogurt but you ca use what you like.  Last we ate them.  
mini fruit pizza 
This activity was so easy and yummy.  I am so glad we were able to take my cooking disaster and make something fun anyways.  Things don’t always go like this for me but I like to take it when I can get it.  Everyone really enjoyed the mini pizzas.  Little brother never even ate his cookie, he was too busy eating yogurt and the cherries.  Big brother , my mom, and I really enjoyed them and look forward to making them again. 
mini fruit pizza for kids
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