Minions Print Craft for Kids

The kids and I all loved the Minions in Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2.  Fun and carefree creatures that you just want to hug, lol. We can not wait for the new movie just for them to come out.  While we are patiently waiting we got to crafting.  We came up with a  fun Minion Fingerprint Craft for Kids.  The kids just love how this turned out.



minions print craft for kids



Minions Print Craft for Kids



Supplies/what we used:


blue paint


yellow paint


white cardstock




white paint


black paint







How to make/what we did:


First we made the prints.  I put a little blue and yellow paint on a plate.  I dipped the bottom half of the finger in blue and the top half in yellow.  Then my son pressed his finger on the white cardstock.  We did this a few times until we had enough feature minions.


Once the fingerprints were dry I pulled out the sharpies.  I drew in some feet, arms, goggles, and used white paint to make the eye.  A toothpick came in handy to paint the tiny space of the eye.  After the white dried I used a dip of black paint to finish the eye off.


Simple and fun minion fingerprint craft for the kids.  They might not be exact but we know what they are. Now hurry up new movie!

minion fingerprint art





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