Monster Footprint Art

We love print art at my house.  It is fun for all my kids.  They love to make their prints and then have fun art to hang up on our art wall.  With Halloween coming up soon we made Footprint Monsters for the wall.
Monster Footprint Art for Kids for Halloween by FSPDT

Monster Footprint Art

Monster Footprint Art

What we used:


construction paper


googly eyes

Monster Footprint Art

What we did:

I painted the kids feet and we made prints. We left them to dry over night.  The next day big brother helped me turn them into monsters.

Monster Footprint Art

We added lots of googly eyes to one.  Now e had a spooky family of monsters(looked like ghost to me but shhh big brother thinks they look like monsters).

Monster Footprint Art


We had several prints to decorate so we just had fun and created each one as we saw fit.  We had a  lot of fun hanging out.  Now we have fun monsters on the art wall.
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