Monster Granola Bars

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Have you heard  about the new got milk? snack products!  I recently discovered them and yum yum. These snacks are fun and delicious – there is something for everyone. The snack bars, cookies and wafer spirals come in a variety of flavors and are tasty treats while on-the-go which is great for me as a busy mom of  three to grab and go.  With Halloween coming up, party food has been on my mind.  I decided to try and create monster granola bars with one of the got milk? snack products.  I was not sure how they would turn out.  The kids and I could not wait to get in the kitchen and give it a go.



Monster Granola Bars fun kid snack or Halloween Party Food

Monster Granola Bars

Got milk? snack products are designed to pair perfectly with milk in order to aid got milk’s? efforts to increase milk consumption. Here is a visual of some of the delicious snacks they have.

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Got Milk? Goodies


Ingredients/what I used:


got milk? soft and chewy granola bars


neon green and purple food coloring


almond bark- or vanilla chips


black gel


candy eyes


how to make monster granola bars


How to make Monster Granola Bars:


Take granola bars out of wrappers and place on parchment or wax paper.  In a microwaveable bowl place one cube of the almond bark.  I melted mine for 4 to 5 minutes.  I mixed to be sure it was melted when I took it out of microwave.  I sprayed in cooking oil and mixed again.  The oil helps thin the melted almond bark out.  This helps keep it from clumping on the bars.


Halloween food


Next add green food coloring to the bowl.  Take granola bar and dip in the melted almond bark.  Now add as many or as little candy eyes to the bar.  Once the almond bark is hard come back and use your black decorating gel and make mouths on your monsters.


The kids and I were so excited that the monster granola bars turned out so cute and yummy.  These are easy to make and would be perfect Halloween food for a party or a fun snack day at home. We look forward to enjoying more of these yummy  got milk? snack products too.



Halloween Monster Granola Bars fun party food

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