Monster Handprint Art

The kids and I love to make holiday inspired handprint and footprint art.  Today we are sharing a fun and easy monster handprint art for Halloween.  Fun to make at home or with a group of kids at school.  You can leave them as they are or turn into a banner for decoration.



handprint monster craft for kids. Fun Halloween craft.

Monster Handprint Art



Supplies/what we used:




paint in multiple colors




googly eyes


colored buttons


white cardstock




How to make monster handprint art with kids:


Start by painting the kid’s hands with the color they want their monster to be.  Next press the hand on white cardstock.  Repeat this process for as many monsters as you wish to make.   We left the paint to dry before doing anything else.

monster handprint art




Once the paint is dry grab the glue, buttons, googly eyes, and sharpies.  Get creative and add eyes, mouth, hair…My kids can never get enough googly eyes.  This was so much fun for them because they could add as many as they wanted or as little as they wanted.


monster handprint Halloween craft


Once the glue dries you have cute, not scary, monster handprint art to hang up.  You could turn these into Halloween cards or stick puppets too. Or maybe a fun Halloween banner.


monster handprint art for kids



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Monster Footprint Art


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