Monsters Inc Science Fun

Simple science that doubles as sensory play is always a hit at my house.  This simple setup for playtime got thumbs up from all of them. Monsters Inc Science is great for multiple ages and easy to get ready for the kids. My kids are 1yr, 3yr, and 5yr.  
Monsters Inc Science Fun on FSPDT

science and sensory play

What we used:

baking soda


ice cube trays


lemon juice

food coloring

monsters inc toys


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What we did:

I mixed baking soda and water in a measuring cup.  I added the small toys to the ice cube trays.  I then filled the trays with the paste(baking soda and water).  I placed in the freezer until frozen.

Once ready it was time to play.

I laid a plastic tablecloth out on the deck.  I then set out the ice cube trays, cups of colored vinegar, lemon juice, and droppers.

The kids started squeezing vinegar and lemon juice over the ice cube trays.

All three kids had fun watching the fizzing of the baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice.

The kids kept adding vinegar and lemon juice until the toys were free.


The kids continued to play in the wet baking soda even after the toys were free.

Fun science and sensory play all in one.  The tablecloth helped make clean up easier. The kids took their clothes off and headed to the tub after playtime.  I plan a lot of our messy play right before bath time. 

We hope you and the kids can enjoy this too.

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