Mud and Bugs {Sensory Sink}

Mud and Bugs {Sensory Sink}
What is a sensory sink and why create one you ask.  My intro post to the series talks about that here. It’s week 2 of Sensory Sink Sunday.  This week the theme is mud and bugs in the sink.  Both myself and my partner did our own take on this weeks theme. Be sure to check out how My Nearest and Dearest played in their sensory sink this week too. 
We love mud and bugs at my house.  I loved mud and bugs growing up and now I still get to enjoy them as a mom.  I have been having so much fun creating these sensory sinks for my boys.  I love to see their faces when they come in to see what mommy has been up to.  It has worked out so far for me to set these up on a day daddy is home.  He can entertain them while I get everything ready. I don’t know about your kids but my kids get so excited when they know I am working on a sensory play activity for them I can’t set them up with out the kids right under me when daddy is not home.  Daddy home or not we still play. (This usually takes me about 10 minutes without them- with them under me it may take 20 minutes,lol) 
Mud and Bugs {Sensory Sink}
What I used to create our sensory sink
Since I have a pre planned theme I usually have what I am going to use ready and just have to take it to the bathroom and set it out.  I gathered toys we already had at home.  Trucks, shovel,  small containers, watering can, and plastic bugs.  I then made a batch of sensory dirt. I also added chocolate pudding to one container for the taste element to sensory play. I also made a paper sign to stick on the mirror.  I have a secret which is that these signs come in handy for me to hide behind when taking pictures.  Go ahead laugh but if you are a blogger I bet you have done something like this before too,lol.
Mud and Bugs {Sensory Sink}
What to do after set up
Now the fun for the kids begins.  I let my kids know that their sensory sink is ready.  And they rush to come and take a look.  For this theme I tried something a little different for my toddler.  I hope to share that with you in another post at some point.  So both of my kids got to play and have fun but I am only sharing with you what my preschooler did this day.


Mud and Bugs {Sensory Sink}
Big brother could not wait to get his hands in the dirt.  The smell and texture were awesome.  I wanted to play in it but big brother was having all the fun this day.  I loved watching him as he made his way to all the items at his finger tips.
Mud and Bugs {Sensory Sink}

After playing  in the sensory dirt a while he was eager to add water to it.  Now the second stage of the fun began,  MUD!

Mud and Bugs {Sensory Sink}
He was thrilled to start adding water to the sink.  One of his favorite parts.  Big brother played in his sensory sink for almost an hour while little brother played in his sensory activity.  Little brother always gets a few minutes in the sink too.  I do set out towels on the floor under the sink to catch any spills.  Clean up is easy as I just rinse toys and sink.  Then take wet towels if water spills and wash them.  They had lots of fun exploring their senses and learning through them for little effort on my part.  That is one reason I love sensory sinks.
As always we hope you can have some fun with this idea too.  How would you set up a sensory sink with a mud and bug theme?

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