Must Have Playroom Toys

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We have a small bedroom we use as our playroom.  The kids share a room and love being together right now.  So we have a room set up for them to keep all their favorite toys in.  We try to keep it tidy and filled with the best toys we can find.  As a mom of 3 I  have seen what my oldest will and will not play with over the years.  Lots of wasted money.  I am still observing what my 2 yr, 3yr, and 6yr love most out of the playroom.  Here is what I have found to be our Must Have Playroom Toys!


must have playroom toys


Must Have Playroom Toys



Before our first family plane trip, we we were only a family of three then, I bought my son then 1.5yr his first B.Toy.  We got him the Toulouse-Lap Trec.  This was the COOLEST doodle board I had ever seen.  It had a cushioned side on the bottom for the kids to rest in their laps, stamps, and the thicker doodle pen. Aside from that I just loved the colors.  Since our plane trip 5.5 years ago we still have our Toulouse-Lap Trec and love it. Of course this stays in our playroom for quick ease to make when inspiration hits to create their own art.  Great for beginners to use for simple mark making and for more advanced writing and drawing.


1. Toulouse- Lap Trec- doodle pad



About a year later we became a family of 4.  We now had 2 boys we just loved.  As baby brother got bigger I remember his first B.Toy.  While on a trip to Target he fell in love with the Woofer Guitar. He played it while in the store and requested we take it home.  We said no at the time but he did get it for Christmas that year.  This guitar is awesome.  It is the shape of a dog, who wouldn’t want it.  It not only plays music but woofs too. Of course the colors and quality of the product sold me.


2.  Woofer: play guitar


My niece handed down her play kitchen to my boys.  It has been one of the most played with big toys down stairs. But what is a play kitchen without fun dishes.  The Let’s Dish dishes set from B. Toys is phenomenal.  The assortment of items give the kids enough to fill bowls and drinks but also cut, scoop, and dish up some delicious play food.  We have played with Edible Peanut butter Playdough and an Edible Apple Sensory Tray.


3. Let’s Dish: dish set and a play kitchen


Stackadoos are as cool as their name.  What can you do? Stack them of course.  But there are so many more things you can do with them.  I wrote an entire post about them here 10 Ways to Play with Stackadoos


4. Stackadoos: bristle blocks



Pretend play with block buildings


Pretend play is a great way for kids to learn.  Often pretend play can help kids learn life skills or become aware of say, how things will go at the doctors.  The Wee MD set is great for pretend doctor’s office play.  You can see what fun we had here Pretend Play Medical Office with Free Printables.


5. Wee MD: medical kit


We love Target and if we go to look at toys we have to go down the aisle with B. Toys.  On this one trip I remember looking a the B. Teepee.  I had wanted to get it for the kids as soon as I saw it had a hanging lantern that put on a star show.  It turned out this B. Teepee was perfect for our DIY Reading Nook or Quiet Place.


6. B. Teepe: book nook or quiet place



We love to paint and draw!  What better way to do this than with an easel.  The Easel Does It is a great addition to our playroom.  Perfect for art time with the kids.  Love the different textured sides and the storage baskets underneath. 

DIY Reading Book Nook or Quiet Place



7. Easel Dose It: easel 


My kids love play keys and phones.  B Toys has a few different options for these.  We got little brother and baby brother some of them for Christmas last year.  They love them.  These are a great toy to keep in the play room for pretend play.  Having them talk on the phone is a great way to work on language and life skills.  Play keys are fun for pretend play and you can teach them what keys are used for as well as going over new words with the small kids.  Keys go to doors, to cars, to locks, to safes…. So many ways to use these toys.


8. HiPhone, Fun Keys, and Luc Keys: pretend keys and phones



 You can find B. Toys toy list here to look through all the amazing items they sell.  My kids have a big wish list to add more toys to the playroom.  The toys have been played with over and over.  I love that they can be used for creativity and learning as well as simple play.  These are our Must Have Playroom toys. What are some of yours?




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