Mustache “bombing”

Mustache “bombing” 

 I saw a pin on pinterest for “eye bombing”  they took googly eye and glued them in random place in their town (for ex.  a pc of fruit had eye on it).  So I have been on this “mustache craze” lately.  I know, I know so going with the crowd on this one(the ‘stache thing).  I have been working hard on my son’s 1st bday party and had printed out photo props.  Which included mustaches.  I had some that didn’t cut out the way I wanted.  I decide what better time to try our own” mustache bombing” instead of eye bombing.

Big brother started out putting on one.

Then he got to sticking.( I just put tape on the back on the paper ‘stache’s)  He put them on my jars and picture frames.

Excuse my button frame it needs repair:-( no excuses I should have glued the button back on all the times I have out my glue gun. I always forget where I put the button,lol.  Don’t want to leave it out and my oldest put it in the floor for the 11 mo old to get.
OK, back to mustache bombing.  He then said his picture needed one.

I told him to put one on the light switch.  He chose to put one on his Easter tree.  Then we ran out!  He wanted to keep sticking.  Looks like I will be printing and cutting more mustache’s for him.  We had silly fun together doing this, what better way to waste time with your son.

Hope you and your kids can have some silly fun with this too!

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