Mustache Salt Dough Ornaments

This year for baby brother’s birthday we had a mustache theme. The fun Mustache was perfect to throw a party around. When it came time to think of party favors my mind kept drawing a blank. I wanted something both kids and adults could enjoy. After much thought the salt dough mustache ornament was envisioned. Now I set out to make this happen.

Mustache Salt Dough Ornaments by FSPDT

Mustache Salt Dough Ornaments by FSPDT
 First I would need a mustache cookie cutter. I had to search all over online before I found one in stock and a design variety  I liked. Once the cookie cutters were on the way, I had to search for the recipe we used last time we made salt dough. Once I had that in hand, we were ready to make these salt dough mustaches a reality.
Mustache Salt Dough Ornaments by FSPDT

What we used:

Salt, flour, water, bowl and spoon, roller, cookie cutters, pan, and foil.
What we did:
We mixed 1 cup flour,1 cup salt, and 1 cup water. Add more flour if sticky.   We used a little less flour and water this time to try and keep from making too many ornaments.

Heat oven 200 -250 degrees and cook 2 -2.5 hrs. Until dry. You can flip after an hr. We did one pan and didn’t do the other and both came out ok.

Line pan with foil.  Take dough and roll it out on the counter dusted with flour. Once rolled thin, but not too thin, press down the cookie cutters and create the shapes. Do this as many times as needed to use up the batch of salt dough. We had two pans full of mustache ornaments and a little left over. The kids wanted to keep that to play with while the ornaments cooked. 
When ready pull them out of oven and let cool.
Once cool I stacked them on a plate. We made these a few days ahead of time for the party.  The next day my tot and I experimented with sharpies and paint. I wanted to have 2 decorating options for the guest. Of course the sharpie was the best as it was easier to color with and dried the quickest. The painted one was fun and worked good too, but we did have to wait for it to dry. 
Mustache Salt Dough Ornaments by FSPDT
Mustache Salt Dough Ornaments by FSPDT
Mustache Salt Dough Ornaments by FSPDT
Mustache Salt Dough Ornaments by FSPDT


These were a big hit with my kids and enjoyed at the party by all, and I mean all, ages. My son,s great grandma at 85 yr even had fun decorating one. Just as much as the 2 yrs did.  So glad everyone had a good time with these salt dough mustache ornament party favors. Now I can’t wait to put them on our Christmas tree this year.  Maybe you and your kids can enjoy this too.
Mustache Salt Dough Ornaments by FSPDT

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