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With baby brother now 5 months old I thought it was past time to put out a baby post.  As the mommy of 3, I thought I would share with you my must have baby toys.  These are toys that all 3 of my kids have loved and actually played with.  Not the toys that sit in the basket or they never pick up.  These toys all have their great uses for having them. Also babies love them.  I must say big brothers have been wanting to play with them again too.  What one has at my house the other one always wants.  I hope this list might give you a few ideas for toys for your little one. 
My must have toys from birth to 6 months (and beyond but really great for the first 6 months)

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1.  Baby Crib/Floor Mirror – My kids loved looking at themselves.  This is great for tummy time too.  Also for getting the kids to turn their heads from side to side while laying on their backs.

Sassy Crib and Floor Mirror Bright Starts License to Drool 

2.  Plastic Teether  Keys- Great for holding on to and chewing of course.
                                                            Teether, Pretty in Pink
3. Chilled Teethers- These are great to be able to add them to the fridge to get them a little cold when the babies start cutting teeth.   They even like them room temp to chew on and hold.  
                                              Bright Starts Teether, Assorted Colors, 3M 3 teethers
 4. Twist and Teeth- This is another great toy for them to hold on too.
 5.  Soft Photo Book- These are great for the kids to look at.  I put pictures of family in ours to start helping them to recognize faces of their loved ones.  Since they are soft and plastic its great for babies. If they chew on them a little it will not hurt the photos.
                                                              Sassy Look Photo Book
6.  Soft Books- We love reading at my house.  I started them when they were in utero and then gave them their own soft books when they got here.  My oldest will sit in the floor with a stack of books just looking through them for fun.
                              The First Years Disney Pooh Peek & Teethe Crinkle Book
7.  Cloth Teether- Kids just love the different textures of cloth and plastic to chew on.
 8.  Hanging Toy with noise maker- These are great for car seats and strollers.  Even in a bouncy seat.

Tiny Love Tiny Smarts Jittering Activity Toy, Giraffe

9.  Connecting Links- These come in handy for connecting toys to high chairs, strollers, car seats…  My kids even love playing with them by themselves. 
 10. Tummy Mat – A great toy mate and pillow to encourage tummy time play.  The kids love the bright colors and the extra support the pillow gives them when playing.
                                                  Tiny Love Tummy Time Fun Activity Mat, Frog
Baby bro and big bro playing
We are always looking for more top toys.  What are some of your babies must have toys?
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