Nabi 2 Kid Tablet Review

We love our Nabi 2.  Both of my older boys have them.  My boys are 6yr and 3yr.  These tablets are easy to use and have learning apps and games.  Two things my kids love.  We got my oldest his 2 years ago and my 3yr got his last Christmas.  We tried the Nabi jr originally but he froze up the software and the screen went black in a few days.  There was no way to fix it.  We did take it back and return it towards the Nabi 2.  This Nabi has been a dream for both kids. I must admit my husband is the tech person of the house.  I wonder if I can talk him into sharing a bit more on this tablet with us.  Lets find out!
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Nabi 2 Kid Tablet Review


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Nabi 2 is great for learning, playing,reading, and watching movies. The Nabi comes with preloaded apps.  You can add the amazon store and upload more apps to the Nabi. Now here is my husband!!
When it come to the Nabi family of tablets I must say that the larger tablets are much better than the Nabi Jr. It may suit some kids but it just wasn’t a good fit for what our kids like to do with their tablets. We have a Nabi 1 and the Nabi 2. the Nabi 2 gets my vote simply because it comes with more internal storage space. You can download more apps to it and still be able to keep the older ones. With my oldest son’s tablet I am constantly having to delete apps so that I can download more songs and new apps for him. Now the great thing about either version is that they both come preloaded with great educational apps for kids. These however become stale after a while. The trick is to find new apps to keep the kids intrigued. Fortunately this can be done two ways. For the tech savvy you can download the Google Play store to the tablet as well as the Amazon App store. I wont get into how to do this as it requires some manipulation of the software but there are tutorials on Nabi help sites on how to do this. This, I feel, really makes the tablet better. I say this because the Nabi app site only offers trial editions of software and requires purchasing the full app to get all the benefits of the app. That is my second gripe with it. With so much free software out there, I don’t feel I should be forced to stick with one ecosystem.
      Now don’t get me wrong. Out of the box without modifications this is still the best tablet for kids under 11 as far as I am concerned. Compared to others out there it is hands down the best tablet for kids. They are tough and durable. The rubber skin helps protect against drops and with other color options your child can make it their own. You can also buy letters to stick on the back. These you can use in multiple ways. We use them to distinguish whose tablet is who’s with the boys’ initials. You can use them for the alphabet, to help with spelling, etc. It really is up to you. 
The preloaded apps, esp Wings, offer intuitive learning with progressive challenges as your childs skills improve. The Nabi chores is great too. The kids can earn coins for completing certain tasks and they can then spend those in the Treasure box on new apps. It helps to teach responsibility in a fun and enjoyable way. All of this is done in a child friendly way. 
There is a mommy/daddy mode on the tablet accesible by password. DON’T let your kids get this password. When you put in the password it accesses uncensored functions of the tablet. In other words, you can access the full ability of the Android OS system just like on a smartphone. Your child could access the web,Youtube, apps, etc. We like this as adults because we can use the tablets if we want but keep this off limits from your kids as there is no censoring of websites and other things. There is also a slot for an SD card. This in my opinion makes it a great deal better than others as well. We can download music and movies as well as tv shows or cartoons and the kids can view those. The earphone jack is great too as they can listen with their headphones on and not disturb anyone else. The 7 inch  HD screen combined with the light weight is ideal for the young child and the battery life is surprisingly good.
Our kids take these tablets everywhere. They are incredibly durable and useful on long trips. We love these tablets so much that we are contemplating purchasing the new nabi DreamTab HD8 Tablet.
      I know this is a long review and somewhat scattered in thought but know this. You, as a parent, cannot go wrong with this tablet. It is easy to set up and use. It is very durable as well as multifunctional. It is also affordable compared to other tablets out there for what you get.
    Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Nabi.  I receive noreimbursement from the company. They make a great product that we have enjoyed and continue to enjoy and our kids actually LEARN with it. We all love it



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