Orange Fizzy Dough

It is time for another fun dough recipe.  This time we are exploring Fizzy Dough!  How fun to play with dough that will fizz up.  We have played with fizzy dough before and the kids always love it.  This dough is not only fun for sensory play but a simple science experiment too.  Playing with our orange fizzy dough was the perfect way to spend an afternoon together playing and learning.


Orange Fizzy Dough Play Recipe


Orange Fizzy Dough


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Supplies/What we used:


baking soda


lemon juice




orange essential oils- one we use Young Living Orange Essential Oil – 15 ml


orange gel food coloring- one we have Americolor Soft Gel Paste Food Coloring, Orange, .75 oz





How to make Orange Fizzy Dough:


I poured what was left in a box of baking soda in a bowl.  I took a measuring cup filled with 1/2 c water and squeezed in orange gel food coloring and mixed.  I poured that over the baking soda.  I mixed with a spoon to start.  I added a little bit of water at a time after this.  I wanted the dough to be moldable but not too wet.  Last, I added a few drops of the orange essential oil.




The orange fizzy dough smelled AMAZEing.  A nice awaking scent for playtime.  A fun new sensory dough for us.




So what makes the dough fizz? We grabbed a few lemon shaped lemon juices at the store the other day just for this.  Once the lemon juice hits the dough it starts to fizz.  This simple science experiment always entertains my kids.  They can never get enough fizzing action in their lives.    The orange and lemon scent went perfect together too!


We had a great afternoon playing and learning with our fizzy dough.

orange fizzy dough sensory play



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