Owl Always Love You Handprint Art

 Always thrilled to team up with blog buddy Blayne of House of Burke.  Today we are hosting “We Heart Print Crafts” a Valentine Series.  Today will kick off with us teaming up with a group of fabulous bloggers to bring you fun ideas for print arts and crafts with the kids for the upcoming holiday.  Get ready for even more print crafts from us and house of Burke to come the rest of the week!!!


About 4 years ago I was inspired by Meet The Dubiens Owl Handprint Art to make some with the then 2 boys.  I wanted to make this print craft again now with all 3 of them.  I also thought a cute Owl Always Love you Handprint Owl Print Art would be perfect for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday.


owl handprint art



 Owl Always Love You Handprint Art


What we used/Supplies:


pink, purple, and blue paint


pink, purple, and blue paper


white cardstock




and orange paper too


glue stick





owl handprint art


What to do:


Trace an owl body from the color paper.  We made a pink, purple, and blue owl.  I then traced a toy wheel to make white paper circles for the eyes.  We glued the body to the white cardstock.  Then glued the white of the eyes onto the body.  Now I painted the kids hands and they made handprints for the wings of the owl.  I cut out orange beaks and we glued those on.  I drew orange feet with the sharpie.  Do not forget to add black or dark blue dots with the sharpie to the owl’s eyes.


owl always love you handprint art


After the paint dries go back and write in “Owl Always Love You” with the sharpies.  Now our owl handprint craft was ready.



we heart print crafts




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