Paint and Sand Sensory Play

While outside playing with my oldest son one day he asked me if he could “paint sand”?  I thought to myself I was not sure how to paint sand but I set out to make it happen for him.  I love when my son comes up with his own ideas and try to encourage him to explore and create his own fun.  We went inside to get some paint and came back out.  Now to see what he was going to do with paint and sand? 

Paint and Sand Sensory Play

What I did:
I laid out a large trash bag and then put a poster board over that.  I set out paint and sand in cups.  I added a few brushes and a rake. Now I let him take over to create his own fun.
I thought he would mix the sand and paint together and then paint but he had more fun pouring sand out and playing in it.  I mixed some sand and paint together for a textured paint and painted some paper and I had fun while watching him play:-)
 He painted his hand and then pressed it in the sand.
 He made textured hand prints with the paint and sand.  What a fun sensory substance to play with paint and sand!
 He painted his truck and added some sand to it too.
 He had so much fun playing with his trucks in the sand and paint.  He had sand everywhere.  He did really good about not getting paint everywhere though.  That was good for me.  During his play he ended up with the poster board covered with sand.  He drove his trucks through it and carried the sand around in his painted trucks.  He then added the paint to the scattered sand and mixed it up and painted a little.  He might have stayed and played all day in this but we had to go in when little brother got up.
 Here is his poster board at the end dusted off.  What a work of art ( to mommy and him).  I would love to try more ways of making textured paint and pictures.  He had so much fun just using his imagination and playing.  At the end he had a fun picture from his adventure.
Almost All Creativity Involves Purposeful Play- Abraham Maslow 
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