Paint with Water and Colored Ice

This a great fall activity for our weather.  We are having some cool morings and evenings but our afternoons are warm.  That is when it is is a good time to get out water and ice.  We play with colored ice and water all the time but never together like this before.  Painting with both water and ice is a cheap way to entertain the kids and it is a fun sensory experiencs for them as well.  You can also add a little learning with the colored ice. You can go over colors as you play.  With the water we painted shapes and went over them.  The rest is just fun, fun, fun!  This was a hit at my house.

Paint with Water and Colored Ice




Paint with Water and Colored Ice

What you need: 


colored ice cubes( fill ice trays with water and food coloring and freeze.  I leave these in my freezer at all times bc I never know when we are going to need them.), bucket of water, and paint brushes.

What to do: 


put ice cubes in a bowl and set them out with the bucket or bowl of water and let the kids have fun.


Our play.
Paint with Water and Colored Ice
They couldn’t wait to get their hand on the ice cubes.


Paint with Water and Colored Ice


My oldest painting with the ice.
 Our water shapes we made.  This is our circle.
Paint with Water and Colored Ice

As always we hope you and your kids can have some water and ice fun too.

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