Paint with water on chalkboard!

What a simple idea to paint with water over the chalkboard but I love it.  I have been wanting to have my son try it out for a while now but we are always doing something else.  So this week just happened to be the week I got it out and let him try it.  He had fun doing it but it couldn’t win over the man in the backyard building a new deck for us,lol.  So after he cleared the board he was off back to his seat at the window watching the man work.  I know he would do it again and on a day we are just needing a min to do something different we will get it out again!

What I did was draw on the chalkboard for him and then he had chalk to wash away with the water.  We got out a cup full of water and 2 paint brushes.  He took and wet the paint brushes and painted the chalkboard until the chalk seemed to be washed away.  I just told him to paint but I guess he was really cleaning, haha.  He likes things clean and in order.  But has no problems jumping in the dirt and coming out covered in it:-)  Love my son and his personality!  We did spend about 10 or 15 min outside and got some fresh air while doing this activity.  I would say it was a success.  Hope you can have fun with it too.  Here is a link I had pinned with the idea

I was playing around with the picture effects and logo text and color on these pictures.  So they are all different:-)

Our set up.

He was getting ready.

Let’s paint.

Love his face.

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