Paper Bag Dog Hand Puppet

As part of the Purell 30 Day Challenge we made hand puppets. This was our favorite challenge and fun craft for the kids. Since we enjoyed it so much, I wanted to share the “how to make” with all of you.  We hope you can have fun making these cute little dog puppets too.
Paper Bag Dog Hand Puppet

Paper Bag Dog Hand Puppet

Paper Bag Dog Hand Puppet

Supplies/What we used:

brown paper bags

googly eyes from for the craft supplies!!)

colored construction paper

elmers glue

I used the scissors today

Paper Bag Dog Hand Puppet

How To Make/What we did:

My 3yr and 5yr helped make dog hand puppets.

I took brown, white, black, and red construction paper and cut out ears, nose, tongue, and spots for the paper bag dogs.  I then let the kids glue them on to the paper bag.  They also glued on the googly eyes.

After the glue dried the kids got them out to play with.

Paper Bag Dog Hand Puppet

 They climbed in their circus tent and took turns putting on a puppet show for us!

Paper Bag Dog Hand Puppet
This was a fun craft for the kids.  After creating their Paper Bag Dog Hand Puppets they were able to put their imaginations to use with a puppet show.
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