Paper cups and bowls avtivity

I go this idea from a great blog  When I saw her post I thought my son would also enjoy this.  So I got him some foam cups  and bowls and put them out one day for him to play with.  He didn’t really stack and destroy like I thought he would.  He decide to stack the cups and serve ice cream to us instead. He did sit and play for around 20 min’s which is forever at our house:-) It doesn’t matter to me what he does with the cups and bowls as long as he has fun!  He did seem to enjoy himself and when I went to clean up he asked me to leave his cups out so he could play again later:-)

Concentrating hard to stack the cups.
Having fun.
Picking which one next.
He said this was his castle!
Daddy helped out a little before work and built a garage for him.
  Hope you can have fun to with this!
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