Paper Plate Fan Craft


Forth of  July is less than a week away.  We are planning ahead this year for the holiday parade and making paper plate fans. We did this last year but only a few hours before we left.  They came in handy to help beat the heat while watching the parade. We wanted to make more this year to take with us.  This year we are making flag paper plate fans.  I just love how they turned out and look forward to using them this weekend.

Paper Plate Fan Craft







Paper Plate Fan Craft




Supplies/what we used:


paper plate


red paint


blue paint


white paint


large craft stick – thanks for the free craft supplies.


fabric tape








How to make/what we did:


I poured a little red, white, and blue paint on a paper plate.  I sat out a white paper plate for the kids and I to paint.  We started with a blue square in the left corner.  Next we made fingerprints with the red paint in rows.  Last we added white fingerprints over the blue in rows.





Let the plate dry.  In the meantime take your fabric tape and wrap the large craft stick.  Leave this to glue to the paper plate once the paper plate is dry.




And now we have fun paper plate flans to take with us to the 4th of July parade.  Theykids can not wait to put the fans to the test this weekend.  After a quick try, I put them up so we can use them at the parade.  After that, they can have them to play with.



Testing out his flag paper palate fan.  Fun craft for the kids and  just a way to cool off in the heat.

paper plate fan craft for kids



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