Paper Plate Turkey Craft

We are starting to get excited about Thanksgiving coming up.  We love to get crafting for the holidays.  This simple paper plate turkey craft was a great way to get in the holiday spirit with my kids.  So glad the kids had fun making these paper plate turkeys with me one afternoon.


paper plate turkey craft for kids

Paper Plate Turkey Craft



Supplies/what I used:


  • googly eyes
  • paper plate
  • red, green, orange, blue cardstock paper
  • brown marker
  • glue stick
  • scissors




How to make a paper plate turkey:

Let the kids color the paper plate with a brown marker.  If you have a brown paper plate you could skip this part.  But my kids were happy to color the plate with the marker.


Cut out a beak with orange cardstock or construction paper. And use the red paper to cut a snood.  Cut out 2 feet using orange paper. Also cut out 4 feathers.


Now let the kids glue on the googly eyes.  Next glue on the beak and snood.  Now added the legs and feathers to the paper plate with the glue stick.


I am enjoying my kids at these ages.  They get so excited to see their craft creation.  We even thought about adding a craft stick so they could play with this turkey craft as a puppet.


I look forward to our next crafting session together.


turkey craft for kids



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