Paper Sensory Box


A few years ago my oldest, then a toddler, wanted to make a paper box.  We had been working on scissor skills and had lots of cut up paper.  He wanted to add it to a bin and play in it with his trucks.  I loved that he came up with his own idea for play.  Encouraging him to think on his own, I supported him and we made his paper sensory box a reality.  He just loved it and played with it often.  Now that baby brother is a toddler we set him up with a paper box to enjoy.  Big brother helped me make him one and we surprised him with it the next day.  He loved it and had paper all over the house.  It made for a fun pick up game too.

Paper Sensory Bin



Paper Sensory Box



What we used/ supplies:


Plastic bin


colored paper




a toy tractor




What we did/how to make:

This is a great fine motor skills activity.  Cutting paper is also great for hand eye coordination.  Big brother cut strips and then cut them up into squares.   He filled the bin with the paper.


paper box

Of course the paper bin was not complete without a truck of some kind.  He picked out the tractor.  This tractor can haul the paper he told me.  Perfect for playtime!  He played with it for a little while and then we left it for baby brother.  Even little brother played with it.  Simple is not boring, that is what I like to say.  This simple idea is a lot of fun.


Blast from the past photo of big brother as toddler enjoying his paper box! 


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