Patriotic Star Banner

I love to hang banners up during holiday times.  I want my kids to know what holiday is next when they look at the house.  Memorial day is the next holiday coming up for us to remember all our military men and women who have died while serving our country.  We are trying to add some red, white, and blue to the house.  Today I made a star banner to hang up.  This site was my inspiration for a star banner

What you need:

 a star template above link had one(I had one from when I made my boys star wands), red, white , and blue cardstock, red yarn, pencil, scissors, and glue gun.
You can change out things you don’t have here for things you do, ribbon instead of yarn, felt instead of paper…

What I did:

 I traced the star template on to the cardstock and then cut out.  Cut yarn and heated the glue gun.  I went back and glued the stars to the yarn.  Last go hang up!  Simple and cute.  It has the house already feeling like memorial day.

Patriotic Star Banner
This would also be great for the 4th of July!
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