Patriotic Torn Paper Stars: easy and fun craft for the kids

This year I have been so unorganized when it comes to holidays and crafts/activities.  I once preplanned everything out and then just added things  as they came, but now, almost every thing is as it comes with really little preplanning.  And that is how the Patriotic Torn Paper Stars came to be.   
Patriotic Torn Paper Stars: easy and fun craft for the kids

 Patriotic Torn Paper Stars: easy and fun craft for the kids

We had an empty box sitting in my office to be sent out for the military.  Its sad the box was intended to go out before Christmas but never made it past taping it together.  I started a few years back with big brother packing up a care package to send to some brave men and woman who serve our country during the holidays. I wanted to start early with my boys and teach them how to think of others and send love and cheer their way.  What better people to start with than the brave men and women that serve our country.  
Since we missed Christmas now was as good a time as any to get our care pack sent out.  I use   and have great success with finding people to send care packages to and we often get a note or email letting us know they got it.  We never expect a thank you but it is reassuring to hear  the package did make it to  the people it was meant for.  So back to the torn paper stars.  



Memorial Day was fast approaching and that box was staring at me one night in the office saying pack me,lol.  So the next morning we started filling the box to send out.  I always love sending a picture or note from the kids to give it a personal touch.  To let them know we are sending this box from the heart.  Since I still had yet to do any patriotic crafts with the kids since our USA themed Paper Plate Chickens, we sat down to make a quick and cute craft.  We love torn paper crafts over here.  They are great for the kids to work on their fine motor skills…  And oh so fun to glue all those tiny pieces down.  So I started grabbing stuff out of my craft closet: colored paper, scissors, glue… and sat the boys down to make stars for our box and to decorate the house with.  We just love how they turned out.  
What we used:
red, blue, and white construction paper, white cardstock, marker, scissors, glue.
What we did:
I traced a star shaped platter I have to make the stars with.  You could Google a star template or just (free hand) draw them.  I cut them out.  Meanwhile the kids were tearing up the colored paper.  Last, they applied the glue to the star and put on the torn color paper.  After the stars dried, we packed them in our box and hung a few up in the house to decorate with.
The boys just loved their craft and had so much fun making these torn paper stars as our patriotic craft this year.  We put them out for Memorial day and have left them out for the 4th of July.  We just recently got a letter back from the care package we sent and even though they appreciated everything we sent it was the stars they loved the most.  They even made it up on their walls as decorations too.  I’m so glad that box was staring at me and we sent it when we did.  I feel like it met the people that it was intended to meet and so glad it brightened their day.  As always, we hope you and your kids can have fun with this craft too.  You may even want to send a few to a solider too.
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