Peach Cobler- with cake mix

I found this recipe about a year or 2 ago and have been making it ever since.  It is so easy and so yummy.  I love easy and simple as most of you know.  Here is what you need and what to do to make your own yummy cobbler.

What you need:  

2 cans pie filling of your choice.  I used peach this day.  1 box white cake mix.  2 sticks of butter.  White and brown sugar.

Here is where the recipe came from and my printed directions.  You can go to to see recipe if you need to.

The pats of butter on top of mix before baking.  I usually bake for 20 min and come back when butter is melted and spread out with a fork a little.  Then finish baking.  I also have to add extra time until brown most the time when baking.  And the last picture shows you the yummy cobbler!  I made this one for my mom for her bday:-)

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