Penguin Family Fingerprint Art

During the fall the kids and I set out to start making more hand, foot, and fingerprint art.  It is fun for all 3 of my boys to help with.  They are 1yr, 2yr, and 5yr.  My kids love to dip, or have painted hands and feet or finger tips, to help create these works of art.  With winter in the air we have been working on our winter inspired print art.  We have created a footprint snowmen,  penguin footprints, and now we have the fingerprint penguin family.  This art project is a wonderful keepsake.  We created it similar to our DIY Snowman Fingerprint Christmas Cards.  Our penguin family fingerprint art was fun to create and is now a wonderful decoration for the winter months. 
 penguin family fingerprint art

Penguin Family Fingerprint Art 

Penguin Family Fingerprint Art by FSPDT

What we used:

black and white finger paint from discount school supply

multi colored sharpies

white cardstock

picture frame

Penguin Family Fingerprint Art by FSPDT

What we did:

Put some black paint in a plate.  Now let the kids dip their fingers in the paint and press the finger down on the white paper.  Now the paper must sit and dry.  I usually leave my kids out some extra paper and paint when we do the print art so they can have some extra fun painting.  The next day we came back and added white fingerprints over most of the black fingerprints.  Now the paper had to dry again.  I must admit this project has been in a stack of need to finish for about a month.  I finally got it out this week to finish it up. I got out my trusty multi colored sharpies and had my oldest come help with ideas of how to finish creating our penguin family.  I added black eyes, orange beak and feet.  We then decided to try adding sock hats to the penguins.  I started with the daddy and mommy penguins.  I was not to excited about how the sock hats turned out so we decided to give the rest of them ear muffs.  My son was really excited to see the penguins coming to life on paper from this little white and black dots we made.  Now to add a little something extra I drew some “ice blocks” (not sure they look like that) under their feet as if they were standing on them.

Penguin Family Fingerprint Art by FSPDT

I was not sure what we would do with our art project.  Hang it on the wall or make a card out of it…. Hummm, I kept thinking to myself.  Then I chose to turn it into a framed picture for the counter.  I got a 4X6 frame for it.  I cut the picture out and added it to the frame.  Now the penguin fingerprint family sits next to our framed snowmen fingerprint family.  These art projects make for great winter decorations.  They also make for wonderful keepsakes.  I bet grandparents would love a picture like this too. 

Penguin Family Fingerprint Art by FSPDT
We had fun together, the kids and I, creating these cute little penguins.  Now we have an adorable winter decoration for the counter and the kids just love that they helped make it.  I love that years from now I can look back at these small fingerprints and remember the fun times I have had with my kids.   Now, what print art will we get into next time.  Hope you and your kids can enjoy this too.

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