Penguin Footprint Art

Having 3 young kids, I love finding fun crafts they all can contribute to in some way.  Footprint and handprint art has become just that for us.  I love that my 1 yr, 3 yr, and 5 yr can all take part in their kid craft activity.  I also love the keepsake art I get out of it too.  My recent favorite we tried was the snowman footprints.  I have been a big fan of snowmen for sometime but recently have started having a growing interest in the ever lovable winter animal the penguin.  Maybe its because my toddler loves to watch Happy Feet (over and over), or that we got a penguin pillow light, or that they are just cute to me.  Up until now I do not think we have crafted one penguin themed project. So here is our first Penguin footprint art.  A fun winters day craft for the kids.
 Penguin Footprint Art

Penguin Footprint Art


Supplies/What we used:

black finger paint

glue stick

googly eyes (we got these free from a goodie box we got from craftprojectideas)

washi tape from dollar tree

black sharpie

orange construction paper

white cardstock

What we did:
I painted my sons foot in black paint and pressed it against the white paper.  We had paper towels and wipes close by to clean his foot off.  Then I left it to dry.  That night my son and I came back to complete the penguin.  I often have no idea how I am going to finish a craft so we just make it up as we go.  I knew I needed a black sharpie and started with that.  I took the sharpie and traced the footprint and gave it a better shape to the left open white spot.  Then I added wings.  Now I went back to the craft closet and came back with washi tape, googly eyes, and orange construction paper.  I used the washi tape for the scarf, we added the orange construction paper as a beak and glued on the googly eyes.  I then used a green sharpie to add earmuffs. My 5 yr old was right beside me gluing on the pieces and telling me what the penguin needed.  He told me we should have given him orange feet, oops to late now.  Maybe we will do little or baby brothers footprint like that.  They were both asleep both times we worked on the craft.  I do look forward to making one with both my toddlers this week.  They all had fun with the Snowman footprints and I know they will enjoy trying this one out too.

Once we have our finished footprint or handprint art they are hung up on our photo wall.  The kids are always excited to see their prints transformed into art and love even more having them hung up to enjoy.

my tots penguin footprint 
I hope you and the kids may have some fun with this winter themed craft too.
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