Penguin Snow Globe Craft for Kids

Penguins and snowmen are 2 of my favorite winter themes to use in crafts and activities with the kids.  We had not done a penguin craft in a while so we set out to make a new one this year.  The penguin snow globe was easy to make and the kids loved it.  We now have some winter art to help decorate the house with.




penguin snow globe winter craft for kids

Penguin Snow Globe Craft for Kids





blue and black cardstock paper or construction paper


sharpie markers


black and white paint




bowl to trace


glue or glue stick





To start I traced a bowl on blue cardstock paper.  Then we cut it out.  I traced free hand a base for the snow globe on black paper.  The kids glued the 2 pieces of paper together to make their snow globe.


Now the kids dipped their fingers in black paint and made fingerprint penguins on the blue paper.  We left them to dry.  Once dry the kids came back with cotton swabs and added snow with white paint.  They also dipped their finger in white paint and pressed it over the black fingerprint they had made earlier.


Once dry I came back with the sharpie markers and added eyes, nose, feet, and ear muffs. Now we had a fun winter art project complete.


You can glue these to toilet paper rolls to stand up.  You can also take string and and glue on the back to hang them up on a hook.

penguin snow globe craft



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