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My boys ages 4yr and 2yr have really been enjoying simple science experiments.  I was surprised at how much my 2yr gets into them.  My 4yr really likes them too.  I am happy they both enjoy our science experiments together.  Simple science is just one more thing I can add to our growing list of things they enjoy together.  Having kids of different ages can sometimes be challenging to find things they both like. Simple science is one for us now.  I saw this simple “magic trick” or science experiment on a website.  I knew this would be perfect for my boys.  I couldn’t wait to try it with them.  Sometimes I have just as much fun as they do while trying out new things.

What we used:
glass cup, pepper, water, and dish soap

what we did:

fill cup with water and then sprinkle  pepper on top.  take and add dish soap to finger.  Place finger in the center of the cup.  Watch the reaction.

Adding soap to finger.  I did it first to show the boys what we were doing.  We then filled the cup again with water and pepper for them to do.


Placing my finger in the cup.

the reaction of the pepper scattering to the sides.  This is caused by the water tension being lowered.

My boys and I were in amazement at this simple reaction.  I really enjoy seeing them get so excited to see something new.  I love being able to spend time with them and explore new things.  They always come running when I tell them it is science time.  As always we hope you and your kids can enjoy this too.

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