Plastic bottle’s to paint flowers

I kept seeing this picture of bottle painting floating around pinterest.  I thought it was pretty.  It looked simple and I like simple.  This is the site I pinned on pinterest With Earth day coming up what better craft than to use plastic bottles out of our recycling bin and after using put back to be recycled.  I would like to add that we just started recycling our plastic bottles last week and my son has been so excited when he sees the counter lined with bottles that need to go in our bin.  We live in the county so we take our on trash.  I had him get out with me at the dump the other day to put all our bottles in the recycle container.  He was so happy to be a helper.  We have recycled other items in our house for sometime but we were way past due on taking our bottles too.  OK back to the craft.  I guess I have been a little excited too about recycling.  This is a fun craft no matter what time of the year it is.

Plastic Bottle Flower Paintings

Plastic bottle’s to paint flowers



What you need:  

plastic bottles (out of the ones we had I found the small soda bottle worked the best for our size paper), paint(we used finger paint)

paper(we used cardstock)

paper plates

We had tape because we did ours outside and the wind was blowing a little.



What to do: 

paint branches on paper first let dry( I did 3 papers this way the others we did where just blank), put paint on plate, we taped our paper down, then take your plastic bottle and press down in paint, then take it and press down on the paper.  Now you have flowers, how simple is that!



Our final pictures:




We had a lot of fun painting and we hope you can too.

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